My Macros+ Diet, Weight and Calorie Tracker App Reviews

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Easy to use, simple health tracker

I was introduced to MyMacros+ about one year ago when I started tracking my food for a bodybuilding competition. Once you start using the app, you can create weight goals, micronutrient goals per day, and more! Love the interface design as it is clean and stores food favorites. You can create your own recipes and enter into the app for serving sizes and measurements. Works well when baking yummy treats and I want to know how much each serving yield for proteins, carbs, and fats. Highly recommend for anyone wanting more freedom in healthy eating and an easy-to-use app, accessible via phone and tablet and soon, computer!

Exactly what u want it to be!

Great app! This is exactly what youd want it to be. Database of food with nutritional info that you can log meal by meal and it keeps track of your macro totals. Ive been using this for a few years now and it keeps getting better.

Had high hopes

I loved all the nutrients this app can track. The list of food is quite a large, and being able to enter custom food was a plus. I hate that you can only enter one meal. Once you select lunch or dinner you are stuck with that meal all day. Every time you add food it just piles on the one meal, oh and there is no breakfast option. But you can copy that large meal to the next day and delete off what you didnt eat, I guess that is a plus. So if you track food all day, you either look like you ate 1800 calories for lunch or dinner, I hate the way that looks. And what no snacks! Again you just lump them right in. Will be finding me a new app, as this might be a gimmick to make me by pro, oh wait I did, right?

Very good

Short of a clumsy daily export and no desktop version, a very good app. Small learning curve but nice recipe builder and verified foods.

Love My Macros+

Ive been using My Macros+ for almost a year now and I absolutely love it. I really like the new update and the food database is growing all the time. I would recommend this app to everyone.

Great App.

Have used this for 3 months now since being told about it by my nutritionist. Great way to keep track all day long.

Nice app

This app makes it very easy to track your macros. Totally recommend. I just would make it easier to reorder the meals

Great for tracking macros!

As a beginner to flexible dieting, Ive really enjoyed this app.


Love this app, so helpful and beneficial for keeping me on track for my goals. I recommend it to all my clients!


Use this app every single day. Must use for anyone serious about fitness.

Better than My Fitness Pal

Much easier to use that My Fitness Pal. Perfect for IIFYM.

Solid app

Easy to use once you get the hang of it and allows custom macros. I know some prefer MFPs database but this has been very user friendly and easy to plug new foods in. Would recommend/10

Best macro tracker

Ive tried several different trackers and this app has a lot of food items in it. Calculator is on point for your goal and if you meal prep and have the same meals, you can copy the meal to another day. Awesome app! Still getting use to the new layout.

Favorite macro app

By far the most macro friendly app.

Great app

Great alternative to My Fitness Pal and a key part of following the IIFYM style of eating

Excellent way to keep on track and honest

I especially like the weekly reports! The numbers dont lie, its like having your trainer right there with you!

Great App. One minor detail ....

I really like this tracker. It takes my personal info and does all the daily intake calculations for me. It stores my meals for the day and tracks my macros. I can look up foods nutritional value or enter a custom amount. Theres a bar code scanner too. The only thing I would change is the accuracy of the bar code scanner, BUT I can override the info and fix it myself. Miner issue. Overall satisfied with my purchase. I would love it if it were faster to look up my stored food. Its in alphabetical order but if there was a search for my custom meals would be great. 1 st world problems. Lol

Good macro app, but...

...there are a few bugs and inconsistencies. It is pretty accurate though, and the best tracker I have used. I like that it syncs with I tend to add my own foods a lot if the numbers dont add up to whats on the labels. I would definitely recommend it.

Best food and macro tracking app

This app is well worth the money. Its interface is well designed. No ads get in the way. Tracking is fast. I can easily pre-plan and pre-track my food days in advance. Macro goals are customizable if youre running your own plan. Extensive food database, but if its missing something then just use one of the other "free" (ad bloatware) apps to scan a barcode and copy the data over. I just cant say enough good things about this app. I use it multiple times a day and its so simple to use every time.

For the AMERICAN populate ONLY

Hardly worth purchasing, as zero brands outside of America. It is a bulky and difficult app to use, definitely New York Muscle Radio got it wrong (they said best macro tracker -wrrrrrong).

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