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Ive been wanting a more precise app than myfitnesspal to track my macro and now its out! So many features, i love it!


i thought i could download and use it on my i mac…not so. can i have a refund?

Great app !

Really complete and stable.



Not all that

There are better apps for free. I regret the purchase.

Love it

Has all the foods of the world, easy to use!

Nice app

This app makes it very easy to track your macros. Totally recommend. I just would make it easier to reorder the meals

The App has some weaknesses

I like the fact that its showing your daily protein, carb & fat intake + the remaining grams. The tabulation of Goal vs Actuals is also great. The App has its weak point at the nutrition list & the bar scanner code. It doesnt list simple foods like spring onion. The bar scanner code doesnt recognize any bar code* which means that every food item needs an manually add ---> Time consuming. * I tried to scan European products. Not sure if this is the issue.

Cam scanner not working. Not the most intuitive design. Annoying notifications. Regret the purchase.

So far the best app for calorie counting!

Ive tried nearly ever app there is, but nobody came even close to my macros.

Average functionality with a poor database

When compared to free alternatives like myfitnesspal the database in mymacros cannot compare. Along with its less than stellar performance and navigation this app is very difficult to recommend when there are so many free apps that make it much easier to track your nutrition.

The best macro tracker

Tried them all. Excellent app by a responsive developer.

Overall I like it but I wish it left my manual inputs alone

It keeps changing my manual inputs. Since it automatically switches any food you input to "1", if I want to enter a serving of something (ie: a bowl of Vietnamese pho soup), I will put in the total calories as a custom food. And then it changes the nutrition info!!! Almost too intuitive. Just leave my custom inputs alone!

Probably the best macro tracking app out there

Great, easy to use, can track any food with a nutritional fact on this planet, innovative & your macro tracking best friend.

Best tracking app

Best app I ever spent money on

Just wow!!

I thought my fitness pal was good but this app ...mymacro+ is10 x better !who ever created this app tracts their food themselves daily and fixed all annoying issues they were dealing with and it shows. Thx I love !

Love the Update!

Ive wanted to solely use MyMacros+ for a while now but the limited database made it challenging to find a lot of the foods I wanted without having to enter everything in manually. The new update is perfect and now I can use MM+ every day! Ive been recommending this switch to all of my training and nutrition clients as well because it allows for more accurate macros.

Not for Canadians???

I thought this would be a great app from all the reviews and big names that use it, but MyFitnessPal has so many more items in their system ! No Tim Hortons, lots of Costco items not there... A complete waste of $4 for myself .... Back to MyFitnessPal

Has a lot of potential but needs some improvements

So far Ive been pretty impressed with the app but I have a few things I think could make it a lot better. First off it would be great if we could set micro nutrient goals such as fibre and vitamins as those are just as important as macros for health. Secondly the barcode scanner sometimes glitches out and lags for a while so that could be a bit better. Thirdly if your favourites actually had their own tab that would be cool. Because right now favoriting things does nothing. Overall not bad but has somethings to improve on before it gets 5 stars.

My Macros+

This app is really helping me with my 69day challenge. Very accurate Only thing I would add is some times you cheat with alcohol and you cant find it in search Maybe keep adding more items to the list Other that that this is the best app for controlling your weight and Ive used others in the past

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